Broken Septic & Sewer Pipe Repair

Nothing can be more frustating than having a broken pipe within your septic tank system. Pipes can break in numerous different ways. Tree roots, deterioration of old pipes, to name a few, happen and can cause quite serious problems.

When a break happens, you need it fixed NOW. And more importantly, you need it fixed correctly. With our high-tech snake-camera system, we can send a scope down the pipes and find the break. We can then recommend the best way to repair the problem. We can also check out the rest of your septic system to make sure no furter problems are coming down the line.

Why do pipes break?

A common cause of septic system failure is piping that settles due to soil movement.

Most likely, either clay tile or PVC was used to connect the septic bed to the septic tank. When the ground settles over time, the pipes will bend or break, backing up the system.

Another common problem area is where the old cast-iron pipe exits the house and is converted to clay tile or PVC once outside. The old cast iron pipe rusts and breaks, causing clogs.

Frequently, when the inside of the home has been converted from cast iron to ABS pipe, the plumber stops short of replacing all the cast iron, and leaves a few inches inside the basement.

When it’s time to install a new septic system, the contractor replaces the cast iron pipe from a few inches outside of the house to the new septic tank. This leaves a small section of old, rotting iron pipe. Eventually, that section rots away and clogs. The awful odor and material then enters the home.

Repair it right, the FIRST time!

Our years of experience means we have literally seen it all. United Septic will diagnose and repair the problem correctly. Your peace of mind is the result.