Septic Pumping & Cleaning

Maintenance – Proper septic tank maintenance involves inspecting (televised line inspection , pumping, cleaning, ofthe tank periodically. All of these steps are equally important and none of them should be overlooked or taken on by someone inexperienced. United Septic is a liscensed septic tank contractor that will ensure all steps are taken, and executed properly. Not every tank is the same, but United Septic can service both residential and commercial septic tanks.   The professional sent to service your needs will be able to determine what scheduled maintenance your septic tank or grease trap requires. This is the most important step you can take in ensuring your tank a long life. 

Pumping+  Cleaning– Your septic tank should be pumped approximately once every three to five years for residential households. Commercial resturants are required by law to have their grease traps cleaned ever three months. Obviously the more the system is used, the more you’ll have to have it pumped. . A liscensed contractor from United Septic will be able to help you schedule according to your needs and situation.

Check out this demonstration video: Click Here